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The ultimate online fitness video library hosting over 50 exercises as well as 6 unique abs workouts to target and strengthen your core and abdominals. Once signed up you’ll be given instant access to this incredible video library to access anytime on any device – whether you’re at home, at the gym or even on holiday!


Hosted by two of the biggest names in fitness, Core Blimey is an online video library hosting 54 unique core and abs exercises to target and strengthen those abdominal muscles.

Once purchased you will gain instant access to the online video library as well as gaining access to 6 specially designed abs workouts which increase in difficulty and only use exercises shown in the video library. It really is the ultimate online resource for abs workouts!

Our two master trainers use very different styles which compliment one another therefor giving you the full spectrum when learning each of the exercises. Beko Kaygee takes inspiration from the likes of Yoga, Tai Chi and Capoeira giving his exercises an holistic style whilst Marvin Burton takes a more sports-based approach and uses ideas taken from his unique bootcamp masterclasses.

Below is a list of every exercise you’ll gain access to within Core Blimey:

Beko's ExercisesMarvin's Exercises
• Standing Trunk Raises • Single leg Balance & Multi-planar Variations • Lying Side Crunch • Campbell Crunch With Single/ Double Extended Limb progressions • Tai Chi Walking PLUS Raised/ Kicking Leg Progressions • Tai Chi ‘Twist Body & Kick’ • Side Kick Preparation Exercise & Progression • Boxing Combo Jab, Cross, Hook, Hook • Tai Chi/ Chi King ‘Embrace Tigers Head’ • Tai Chi ‘Coiled Dragon’ • Capoeira Esquiva and Ginga • Capoeira Esquiva Lateral +/- Ginga • Capoeira Cadeira • Yoga Lying Single Leg Raises • Lying Knee to Chest & Arm Resistance • Modified Reverse Torso Raise • Yoga ‘Half Locust’ (Prone Single Leg Raise) • Yoga ‘Downward Facing Dog’ Pose & Single Knee to Chest • Yoga ‘Half Moon’ Pose
• Plank: On Elbows • Plank: Extended Arms • Side Plank: On Elbows • Side Plank: Extended Arm Knees • Plank: Moving Forwards and Backwards • Walk Out • Leg Scissors • Obliques Crunch • Basic Crunch • Half Roll Back • Bridge • Lower Back Extension • Sitting Reach • V Sit Crunch • Side Plank: Arm Reach • Side Plank: Hip Drop • Straight Arm and Leg • Roll Into a Ball • Half Get Up • Ankle Touch • Back Stroke • Seated Rotation • Seated Arm Extension • Seated Overhead Reaches • Leg Crossovers • Reverse Curl • Leg Circles • Pullover and Leg Slide • Rotations With Water Bottle • Water Bottle Drag • Table Top Water Balance • Water Bottle Pullover • Water Bottle Pullover and Leg Slide • Water Bottle Overhead Lean • Water Bottle Figure of 8