About Core Blimey

What is Core Blimey?

The ultimate online fitness video library designed specifically for abs and core exercises!

Core Blimey is the accumulation of years of fitness industry experience from two of the biggest names in the business. Together, Beko Kaygee and Marvin Burton have created 54 unique core exercises which will strengthen and tone your abdominal region. Our master trainers use their own unique styles which ensures you gain expert knowledge and train using different techniques to truly exercise every muscle in your abs, giving you an incredibly ripped look.

With just under 2 hours of video content we have hosted every single exercise video within an online video library where you can login and gain access whenever you want, on any device! Whether you watch and practice the exercises at home, in the gym or even on holiday – we’ve made the library as simple and easy to use as possible.

Not only do you gain access to the exercise videos, our master trainers have each created 3 unique abs workout routines which come with every purchase! There’s no additional or add-on fees, once you purchase Core Blimey you will have instant access for life!

Learn and master the moves then use them to make your own abs workouts or follow the pre-designed workouts our master trainers have created for you and get ripped in no time!


Meet the Trainers

 beko-kaygeeBeko Kaygee

International Presenter and owner of F3 – Tai Chi & Chi Kung Academy, Beko is a master trainer in holistic health and martial arts-based fitness. He is currently sponsored by fitness music provider ‘Pure Energy’ as well as the renowned international fitness brand ‘Reebok’. Beko Tutors for the prestigious Drummond Education and continues to deliver training, workshops and master classes at events and conventions across the UK and Internationally.


 Marvin Burton

Marvin is a highly experienced personal trainer, international fitness presenter and a specialist in functional training. With over 15 years experience within the fitness industry his expertise lie in the creation and delivery of fitness education for an array of companies, projects and individuals. His range of skills include designing unique fitness courses, creating professional online content and helping develop new fitness business ideas.



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